Who is this girl?

Now working at a university in New York, I taught English in Paris from 2012-2013 as part of the Teaching Assistant Program in France.

Motivations for my writing include:

  • A nerdy love of scrutinizing culture and language.
  • Belief in universal access to a quality education.
  • A goal of promoting cross-cultural understanding and tolerance in both my personal and professional lives.
  • Adventures. Calamities. Qualms. Joy.



5 thoughts on “Who is this girl?

  1. My name is Marina De Lima and I am Casting Director working on a new series for a major cable network that will be focusing on couples that are in a long distance international relationship. I would love to have you share this post with your readers and followers and see if there is anyone that fits the bill. I appreciate your help and feel free to reach to me with any specific questions or concerns.

    STILL CASTING!!! Please Share with ANYONE you know that fits this description.

    · Are you in a long distance, romantic relationship with someone in another country?
    · Are you considering picking up your life and moving abroad to live with the one you love or are they considering doing it for you?
    · Or have you already made the decision to move overseas and you’re about to embark on the journey?

    If so, we’re looking for you! A major television production company is currently searching for people who are in long distance relationships with another individual that lives abroad in order to participate in a documentary television series for a major cable network.

    We are specifically seeking cultured, English-speaking individuals from all over the world. This show would follow peoples’ lives as they make the leap and move abroad for love.

    If you are – or you know – someone with plenty of personality who is currently thinking about uprooting for love, or about to do so, or has thought about doing so in the past, then we want to talk to you!

    To submit or nominate someone, please email LONGDISTANCELOVERSAFFAIRS@gmail.comthe following:

    1) Full name(s), age, and contact info

    2) A short bio on your relationship and how your decision would impact your friends and family and career

    3) Several photos of both you and the person you’re currently dating abroad

  2. Hi, I wondered if i would be able to republish your blog post titled “On being a cultural ambassador” on my website. I run a site for current and future language assistants and i think that piece would be really cool to share again with others. Let me know what you think, Jamie 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! I’m glad to hear you think this could be useful. Due to issues that can arise with duplicate content, I would just ask you to republish an excerpt (e.g. the first section) with attribution and a “continue reading” link to the original post. (This is also the way WordPress’s own re-blogging feature works, but I’m guessing your site is hosted on another platform.) Also, if you’d share your site with me, I would be interested in following you as well!

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